Archive thunderbird email

archive thunderbird email

Highlight batches of emails, right click on highlighted emails and use 'Copy to' and choose appropriate folder in Local Folders mail account. If. Using the shortcut CTRL + A, select all your emails and move them to the local archive folder that you created before. Your files are now saved. Go to the Mail folder. GETMAIL OPTIONS DELETE

Starting with Thunderbird 5. One possible way to do this:. You could create a Saved Search folder so that in the future you can perform the same search steps with a single click. If you want to exclude certain folders from being searched, just right-click on the Saved Search folder, choose "Properties Some alternatives or workarounds that don't archive messages in mail folders are listed below.

When you consider what method you want to use it helps to first figure out if you care about the ability to read those messages without a email client, or the ability to ever import the archived messages back into a email client. The ImportExportTools extension can be used to import or export messages. This extension used to be called the MboxImport extension. See Importing Folders for information on how to download and install that add-on, and how to use it to import folders. You can archive individual messages as a.

If its more convenient you can use the Archive! You can also use the MboxViewer to view archived folders if you didn't want to import them again. Mbox2XML is a Windows application for backing up one or mbox files folders in a. It converts any HTML messages to plain text. The user has the option to include attachments, or to append messages to an existing archived folder. It uses UTF-8 encoding, which provides support for most character sets. It can be useful for archiving messages so that you can read them without a email client.

However, unlike most of the other alternatives you can not restore its archived messages in Thunderbird. MailStore Home is a Windows application that can archive email from multiple email clients including Thunderbird, Outlook and Windows Mail.

PDFCreator is a Windows utility that lets you save a message as a. PDF file by printing it, or combine several messages into one. PDF file. Combining several messages requires you to print a message to the PDFCreator printer, select wait, print the next message s and on the last message select the messages you want to merge, and press the Combine button.

All that appears to do is let you save settings in a. Linux supports several different ways to print a message as a PDF file such as cups-pdf or Kprinter. If you saved the messages you want to archive as. If you store your messages in remote folders you could use IMAPSize to incrementally back up messages from one or more folders or accounts as. Make sure Mozilla Thunderbird is not running and access the archived folder via the profile directory.

Open your Mozilla Thunderbird profile directory. Go to the Mail folder. Drag and drop the archived folder file Archive , for example from its remote location to the Local Folders folder. Make sure you do not overwrite existing files. If a file with the same name already exists under Local Folders , rename the archived folder file before copying. The archived folder should appear under Local Folders in the folder list.

By Heinz Tschabitscher. Heinz Tschabitscher. A former freelance contributor who has reviewed hundreds of email programs and services since Tweet Share Email. Email Yahoo! Mail Gmail. What to Know From the Thunderbird profile directory , open Mail. Find the file with the same name as the folder to be archived without the.

Drag the file to the archive location, then open Thunderbird. Delete the folder whose file you copied to the archive location. Drag the archive folder file to Local Folders.

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